Monday, 23 September 2013

#LDK EXCLUSIVE# I Don't have anything attached with Toyin Aimaku-Ace Produce Okiki Afolayan Reveals

May we know who Okiki Afolayan Is?
    My Name is Okikiola Omo Afolayan, I am from Kwara state but was born and breed in  Lagos to be precise    Mushin (omo Mushin ), am the forth child in a family of five, i attended Anwarul Islam Agege for my secondary school could’nt further because of financial incapability,so i moved into theater arts and i have hope to further more at God's time.

What do you do?
    I am a film Producer and Director, i started my career as an actor, years back in 2002 under Dejo Tunfulu when i later discover acting is not really my way, i stopped and a picked up a form as a continuity manager under Mr. Olumide Adedayo, as time goes on i started doing different things apart from the continuity manager.

What are the different things  You did?
    Firstly i started producing films my first film was titled Mr Kola follwed by Aya wa  ni and many more, I also write story and Direct movies (Director).

How many films have you directed so far?
    I have series of films that i have produced, e.g OJIJI MI written By Toyin Aimaku, April Fool, Mona, Jama, Oge Aseju, Iyefun, Dagbere etc.......

Aside From home videos do u av any tv programmes u produce?
    yes i av,there is a TV Programme am directing titled Jeje laye, it is showing on galaxy and mitv for now.

Do you still Act?
    No I dont because i dont see acting as my way

Briefly explain ur challenges so far in the industry?
    so far so good i av not really faced any hard challenges because its my way , its what God really wants me to do that am doing and i pray i don’t face any till i retire from the field.

We have so many Directors in the industry, the likes of Tunde Kelani,Kunle Afolayan, Adebayo Tijani, etc. How do you cope, do u see them as any threat?, I dont see the as threat but as my boss, they are very nice to me because they encouraged me to do wat am doing now, have worked under atleast 98percent good director in the industry as a continuity manager before picking up as a director and they all support me base on the experience the know i av gathered from them.

How do you describe your achievment in the industry?
    My achievment so far in the industry is just like a miracle because between a blink of an eye i got to 60% of where God is really taking me to.

Any Award so far?
    Yes i was given an award from Legacy caucus voice of art, the award was base on my achievment in the industry and i was also nominated for the best director in the city people award thou i was not given.

Who is your Role Model/Mentor.
    Niji Akaani, he is the director of Heros and Zeros and he was awarded as the best director in African twist.

Are u Single?
    Yes I am single but engaged......Smlies.............

How do you handle your female fans?
    I handle my female fans with care because fans is very importand in every celebrities life

Whats your relationship with Toyin Aimaku?
    Toyin Aimaku is just my very good sister nothin attached, infact i so much appreciate her cus she have contributed to my career positively.

Whats the naughtiest thing you have done on set?
    Hmmmmmmm, Yes I sent  make up artist away on setbase on a little mistake

What is your advise for the Upcoming Producers?
    They should just be focus and determine till they achieve thier goals, although we pas through so many difficulties but with God all things are possible cus thats is what i belive in and its making working for me


  1. How do u want us to belive this naaaaa
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