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'Goriola is a closed chapter, I have found another love' -Nollywood Actress Ayo Adesanya Reveals

Ayo Adesanya is not a new face in Nollywood. She has acted alongside veterans like Regina Askia, Liz Benzon, Ucharia Anunobi and many others. The University of Ibadan graduate of Communications and Language Arts, like many of her peers, ventured into movie production. She spoke with AJIBADE ALABI recently on several issues in the industry.

Why acting and not practicing what you studied in school?

I have always liked acting; it is just inborn. Right from my childhood days, I knew I would end up being an actress.

How did you join the industry?

I went for an interview somewhere, where I met Ifeanyi. It was he who invited me for an auditioning, and in that auditioning I was given a waka pass role. That was my first role, and that was how the journey began.
But I had always wanted to be an actress. I had started right from when I was in nursery school. I acted also when in secondary school. I also acted in church. So, it has been part of me right from the beginning.

Who are your contemporaries in the industry?

I have Bimbo Akintola, Sandra Achums, Eucharia Anunobi and some others I can't remember now.

What about Regina Askia?

Ha! Regina started before me. The reason people always think we stated together is because we acted many films together, like in Most Wanted, where I played a lead role with her, and that film shot me into limelight. So many people thought we were contemporaries. No, we were not; she started before me. I must give God the glory for that film (Most Wanted). Though I had acted in many films before that, that particular film brought out the talent in me. And it was a film where I acted with the who is who in the industry then.

People seem to see you as being arrogant. How do you take that?

I don't know where you got your fact from, but all I can tell you is that I am not arrogant. I am a normal person. I am a cool person. The fact that one plays one role in a movie does not make that person to be wicked, arrogant or controversial. There are roles that you will play that people will like you, and there are also roles that you will play that people will feel like stoning you to death. People should know the difference between when one is on set and when one is living one's normal life. These are two different things. The fact that I acted as prostitute in a movie does not make me a prostitute.

After Goriola Hassan, your ex-hubby, what next?

What next as in what? I am leaving my life as normal. Goriola is a closed chapter in my life; it is one of those things in life. Life continues. Will I continue to ruminate over that? A beg, life continues

Have you found another love?

Yes. I have found another love. I am into a new relationship.

But has love been fair to you?

Yes. Love has been fair to me, and I thank God for that.

Do you still remember 2005 when you were voted as one of the sexiest actresses of the 90s?

I still remember.

Then, you said your eyes were your sexiest part. Are you still holding to that view?

I still believe that my eyes are the sexiest part of me, and people always talk about my eyes as being the sexiest. And I do not doubt that; my eyes are sexy and captivating!

You are one of the very few Yoruba actresses who dumped the English sector to join the Yoruba. Tell us why

I just feel I should go back to my roots. Even while I was doing English movies, I was still appearing in Yoruba movies. For instance, I acted in Iru Oka alongside Ramsey Nouah while I was still in the English caucus. So, it was not as if I did not act in Yoruba before or I just dumped English for Yoruba. I just feel I want to come fully to the Yoruba sector.

As someone who has done both Yoruba and English films, what can you say is the difference between the two?

There is no much difference; the only difference is that Yoruba is rich in story line and they (producers) have very deep story lines that teach morals. I am not castigating any tribe here, mind you; I'm just telling you what I feel. If you take note that a lot of improvement has occurred in Yoruba film industry. The cameras, the location and the costumes and even the effects that are now being used cannot be compared to what we had in the past. So, I can tell you that good things are now happening in the Yoruba section of Nollywood.

Did you have a taste of sexual harassment as an up-and-coming actress?
I did not believe anyone is harassing anybody. If you are talented and you know what you are doing, nobody will ever harass or molest you. Fine, as a fine lady, you are bound to be toasted, it now depends on you to succumb to whoever you want to date. It is not a matter of life and death. I don't believe anybody can be harassed sexually, except they are not good. If you know what you want, nobody can harass you.

You have acted in many films. Which one can you say was most challenging?

All my roles have been challenging. Take for instance, my role in Osuka, where I played two roles. In that movie, I played the role of a young girl and an old woman – which was very challenging. But you need to watch this my latest film, entitled Amope Alasela. In this one, I played a dual role. I must tell you it was very daunting and tasking, because I had to change many times to play the roles of different people. The director had to wait for me to change. And there was a scene where both characters met. It was very demanding. Apart from that, I also acted some funny part in the film.

Talking about being funny, it seems you have added that to your acting now?

That is what I was telling you. That is to tell you that as an actress, I'm versatile. There is no role I cannot play.

Source:  Nigeria Tribune

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